Infinity: make a continuous light with no breaks

Infinity: make a continuous light with no breaks

The main concept of this light fitting is to produce continuous light, with no breaks, using the latest LED technology made by European manufacturers, including the Zagha protocol, to get the best solution.

In addition, our customers can decide whether they want a standard or custom-built configuration, INFINITY SYSTEM, using a configurator. (Available later this year)

Trimless: This is the wingless profile version for connected, built-in (with accessory) or suspended installation (with accessories except for direct-indirect where they are included)

Frame: This is the winged profile version, only for built-in installation in false ceilings or in false walls

Technical specifications:

• Different applications:
– Frame (built-in)
– Trimless (suspended)
• Two versions: direct light / direct + indirect light
• High Output LED and Low Output LED
• Tridonic plate with 12 LEDs or with 22 LEDs
– 12 leds: 820-840 lm / 131-136 lm /W
– 22 leds: 1500-1550 lm / 131-136 lm /W
• 3 McAdams steps
• Drivers: electronic or DALI
• Aluminium extrusion
• Accessories not included
• 2 colour temperatures: 830 and 840
• Available in white, black and grey
• Width: 40mm
• Different measurements: 570, 850, 1130, 1410 and 1970 mm
• Custom configuration (INFINITY SYSTEM)



• Offices
• Private villas
• Hallways and corridors