SET LED lighting system

Efficient, simple and functional

High-quality workmanship, simple installation


The extruded support profile of the SET lighting strip system is made from anodised aluminium. The practical feed-through wiring is also housed here. Thanks to the use of a variety of optics which can be snapped on easily and without tools, SET satisfies all requirements as regards the lighting and installation. It floods private or public spaces with a special lighting ambience.


Timeless and unassuming design. SET depends on the quality of the materials used. A wide variety of shapes and lengths can be achieved using the connectors. The individual support profiles of up to 6 m in length can be put together any number of times. Available in warm white (3000 K) and neutral white (4000 K) light tones.


SET can optionally be used as surface-mounted, wall or suspended lighting (steel cable or pendant suspended mounting).


Whatever you choose, you will achieve a refined and functional LED lighting strip system with SET.