SPIN – Timeless and Sustainable


SPIN unifies simple design and homogeneous illumination for contemporary architecture. Manufactured from high quality, satinised and now also opal matted acrylic glass. We also offer the majority of SPIN lights with white housings varnished with a fine structure. In conjunction with the pendant luminaires, this housing creates an indirect light component, lighting up the ceiling and additionally amplifying the illuminating effect.

Likewise, our pendant luminaires are completed through a height-adjustable 3-point steel wire suspension system. Through using a steel wire suspension system included in the delivery, the mounting can be optimally changed thereby creating the desired effect.

Innovative LED technology ensures a high luminous efficiency of up to 121 lm/W. The LED element can simply and easily be replaced on site as necessary. SPIN can be integrated discreetly, effectively and harmoniously into reception halls, corridors, school buildings, seminar rooms, hotels and restaurants as well as administrative buildings. Available in a diverse range of sizes as pendant luminaires, ceiling, wall and built-in lamps. Optionally as LED technology or in T5 ringform.